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Here is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE antique currency directory brought to you FREE by:


This directory is filled with wonderful sites on rare collectible currency. If you are looking for currency dealers, paper money values, currency auctions, information about Friedberg numbers, third party grading services, paper money magazines, bank note forums, currency photos, rare currency information, or just about anything related to antique collectible currency you will find your anwers here. The information has been organized all in one comprehensive directory so the beginning or even advanced collector will be able to find the information they need.

Whether your interest be the silver certificate, gold certificate, treasury note, legal tender note, federal reserve note, high denomination note, national bank note, error note, fancy or low serial number note, confederate note or World banknote all currency related information is provided here FREE.

Paper Money of the United States by Friedberg

Paper Money of the United States by Friedberg is the standard reference for collecting US paper money. A must for every collector, dealer, historian and library. The 18th Edition will be available this summer!

A Guide to United States Paper Money by Friedberg

A wonderful book for those interested in a more abridged version. It is essential to the beginning and intermediate collector as it introduces the Freidberg Numbering system which is used to catalog all US paper money. It also contains a price guide of paper money values. While this does not necessarily reflect current market values it does serve the need of the beginning/intermediate collector. If you dont have it, get it!

Other general informational sites include:

Society of Paper Money Collectors

American Numismatic Association

The DMOZ currency dealer directory is one of the most comprehensive.

DMOZ Currency Dealer Directory

Another Large Frequently updated Numismatic Directory is:

Coinsheet Numismatic Directory

Third Party Grading has become the standard for Antique Currency. These companies provide an unbiased (hopefully!) opinion on the condition of your note. This allows you to realize higher prices when selling your notes! Two companies are well respected for reliable and consistent grading standards.

PMG Grading

PCGS Grading

Other Grading Companies include:

Rare Currency Grading Service

CGA Grading

If it is information about Rare US currency you seek the DMOZ directory likely has the answer. It includes information of silver certificates, gold certificates, legal tender notes, treasury notes, high denomination, star notes, error notes, national banknotes, low and fancy serial number notes, World Bank notes plus more!

DMOZ directory on collecting currency

Currency Auctions are a major way antique currency is sold. Their are two main currency auctioneers:

Heritage Auction House (CAA)

Lyn Knight Auction House

The prices realized for major currency auctions gives a consistent and reliable indicator of market paper money value. I strongly suggest signing up for a free account with the two above Auction Houses. This gives you invaluble information for prices realized for past and current auctions!

Paper Money Values published by Coin World is a colorful magazine published quarterly for those who are looking for a recent price guide.

If you are looking for a rare currency magazine good choices include:

The Bank Note Reporter

Numismatic News

If you are looking to attend Paper Money Shows here is a list as maintained by PCGS.

Paper Money Shows

Finally if you are looking for a Bank Note Forum Here is one at coinpeople.com:

Bank Note Forum

That concludes your comprehensive guide to Antique Currency. This page is updated regularly so be sure to check back! Inclusion in the directory is and ALWAYS will remain FREE. The SOLE criteria for inclusion is a high quality site related to paper money. For consideration for inclusion in the directory email me at info@kingcurrency.com

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